4200 Rear Sump Oil Pan
Our 4200 Rear Sump Oil Pan make it easy to swap this potent inline 6 into a wide variety of chassis.

The oil pan is an integral part of the 4200 block, we kept the wall thicknesses no thinner than what GM
used or in some areas the pan is thicker to allow better flow during casting.
Torque converter bolt access is maintained through the rear flange.
The drain plug hole is right on the pan floor so when you drain the oil very little is left - just what is clinging
to the material surface. This really helps keep your oil clean and there is nowhere for sludge to build up.
The pan is thick enough to allow tack welding in oil control baffles for competitive use.
A/C compressor boss machined but the hole is not drilled/tapped.


The pan has a number of features that need to be finished by the installer, this is done to allow maximum

Oil dipstick mount— not drilled to allow customization to clear header tubes etc.

The oil pan finish is delivered with "AS CAST FINISH" except the machined surfaces, installers should
clean up the oil pan using a 27grit flap wheel or glass beading. The foundry does perform some flash
removal. At a minimum solvent and high pressure wash the pan once the installer drilled holes are drilled.

Turbo oil drain Boss— suitable for 1/2 NPT return— not drilled.

An aux. boss behind the A/C boss is there to allow attachments of non-standard items such as a dry
sump pump etc.

Drain plug can be installed on either side of the sump.

Pan dimensions :  Sump is 7.25” deep from the pan rail to the bottom of sump

Front of the sump is 12.3 “ from the transmission flange

The front section of the pan is 2 3/4" deep from the flange to the bottom outside of the pan, just in front of
the sump the pan is 3 3/16" from the pan ran to the bottom outside of the pan.

Holds 5 US quarts, additional oil could added.

You will need a modified 3500/3700 oil pump pick up to sit mid-sump. When in stock a used oil pickup
is included (provided in  AS IS condition). Additional mounting holes for the pick up tube will need to be
drilled/tapped (6mm) in the main cap girdle.

The original oil dipstick hole needs to be blocked off—a 1/8 NPT plug works well.

Use Permatex “Right Stuff” to seal the pan to the block.

The 8mm OEM bolts will need to replaced with M8x1x35mm Allen head bolts/washer (not included).
Details - in the installation guide.
July 23 2017 Update -  Qty.  4 out of 5 sold. Last one of this batch tentatively sold.
If your interested in an oil pan - please email us to be put on the list for the next batch.

Email for pricing, ordering and payment details. We pride ourselves on providing personal service
for our products.  info@emtechmotorsports.com
Note: The lower bell housing bolt holes (4) are not
yet drilled in rear flange of this pan. The pans are
supplied with these holes drilled.
Dipstick boss
Turbo oil drain boss