Block adapter
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Feb 2017 - In stock ready to ship.

This adapter plate allows SBC/LS bolt pattern transmissions to be
used behind the Atlas**. Examples are NV4500, TH350/TH700R4 etc...

The plate has sufficient material added to the side to allow it to be
used as a mid-engine mount plate. Additional material was added on
the bottom to accommodate installation of a billet main cap girdle.

We can also produce a plate with the SBC/LS transmission mounting
holes deleted for use with other transmissions e.g. AMC/Jeep
For customers using other transmissions we can supply a sketch
showing the crank centerline/dowel hole location so an user mounting
pattern can be added.

For Price, shipping cost & to order please fill in our contact us form and
we will contact you by email for your zip/postal code and provide a
shipping cost.

** 4&5 cylinder applications(2800, 2900, 3500 & 3700) will require the
end user to remove additional material to clear the balance shaft drive.