Custom Part Design
Ever come up with an idea for a part and wish you could get it made?

Wish you could turn your sketch into a CAD drawing without having to shell out
for the software to do so? All our work is done using Soild Works.

Well now you can and not be tied to a dedicated manufacturing stream.

We take your dimensioned sketch and turn it into a CAD drawing and files that
can be:

  • Sent to a CNC machine shop to make the part.
  • Sent to an engineering firm that runs analysis programs for thermal,
    airflow, or stress determination.
  • Printed out using a 3D printer - ever watch Jay Leno's garage where
    they print out a prototype to verify fit before committing to metal?

Not limited to automotive parts..

Input is your sketch, we then turn your sketch into a CAD model and send out
PDF file to allow you to check the design. Upon approval we generate full
drawings and send the CAD model output files.

You remain the design authority and assume full responsibility for the design.

For projects requiring less than 2 hours we request payment prior to delivering
the final files. For larger projects we require a deposit and progress payments
(pay as you go). Once approved final payment is required before delivery of
the final files. Payment can be made for small projects via paypal if you agree
to pay the additional paypal fee.

Our introductory rates are as follows:

Non-commercial use - $25/hour
Commercial use - $50/hour