TCM 2000

TCM 2000
Works with the following transmissions
Required For Boosted Applications
GM 4L60E
GM 4L80E
Most GM FWD 4spd - ask
Ford 4R100 (1998+)
Ford 5R55E (1997-2001)
Ford 5R55W - special order
Ford AODE/4R70
need year of transmission
Ford E4OD
Chrysler 545RFE (All)
Allison 5/6 speeds - special order
Some ZF Automatics - ask
The TCM-2000 is our most powerful aftermarket controller. Similar to all PCS controllers, the TCM-2000
features dual calibrations (sport mode, tow-haul mode, etc.), programmable shift points, shift firmness, and
torque converter lockup.

Can be setup to control the transmission line pressure using a MAP sensor input -
especially turbocharged

Unique to TCM-2000, PWM outputs are programmable either active high or low supporting a wide range of
transmissions from GM, Ford, Chrysler, and others.

The CAN interface allows seamless integration with CAN based vehicles or ECU's. Compatible with J1939
and other CAN standards. The CAN connection also simplifies the connection to a PCS Paddle Shifter or
GSM-2100 Gear Select Module so you can eliminate the shift lever in your car.

Laptop required for tuning.

Offers tow/haul mode
Street/race calibrations - switched with a external toggle switch
Dyno  mode

Can have a password set to prevent non-authorized changes
Kits available for EFI, carb, and diesel applications.

Kits include controller, harness and tuning PC compatible tuning s/w.

Due to the rapidly changing US$ exchange rate we ask you contact us for a current quote.

We need the following information to get you the correct kit:

  • Make, year and model of transmission
  • EFI or Carb or Diesel
  • NA or turbo